"We use hypnosis to train your mind so that you can overcome your own problems."

Our Mission

Our purpose in life is to raise the evolution of humanity through training the mind so people can remove their own suffering and live a better life.


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About us:

RJ Roy

Since the 1980's, Certified Consulting Hypnotist RJ Roy has studied personal development. In the 1990's as he spoke with every day people he began to notice they were acting strange, but he didn't yet understand what was happening. In 2003, RJ traveled to NYC to take a course in NLP and it was on this trip he then realized what had been happening all those years. People were going into trance through "normal" conversation.

After this realization he spent hours studying and sharpening his skills in personal development/hypnosis and NLP. In 2010 a few friends of his convinced him he should do hypo-therapy professionally. RJ became certified with The National Guild of Hypnotists the following year 2011 and insured his business shortly thereafter. RJ has been practicing professionally ever since.