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Virtual Gastric Band

Live your new normal

Imagine you have that body you've always wanted and know you can have if you only tried hard enough. Your body moves freely, with ease and lightness. A bright, happy go lucky feeling runs over you for no particular reason at all and you feel this energy course through your body like you haven't felt in years. You wear the clothes you want, instead of looking for what fits. When you walk past the mirror you're only reminded again that this is you and you feel even better. Other people notice you and like what they see. Your life just feels more vibrant on every level, with the stronger and healthier you. 

You already know you want this, to feel more alive,  but how do you get there?  


- Set your fitness goal, then eat and exercise in such a way to meet that goal. Remind yourself each daily of your goal. Better still remind yourself several times a day.   
- Eat less. Be mindful and only eat when you're hungry. Eat slowly. Enjoy the food you eat. Enjoy your food so much, you stop eating when you feel comfortable. 
- Drink plenty of water.  
- Exercise for 30 minutes a day.   

That's it. Question answered. Have a nice day!

What's that you say? You already know what to do? Your problem is actually doing it. Maybe we can help. 

Let me tell you about the Virtual Gastric Band.  

Imagine you have a band wrapped around your stomach so your usable stomach space is the size of a golf ball. You feel full with less food so you eat less, without starving yourself. You eat less, because you want less. We get you there through the use of hypnosis Where you feel as if you had gastric surgery. Don't worry. No one is getting cut today! This is the "Virtual" Gastric Band! What we do for you is train your mind to feel as if your stomach is physically smaller. Almost as if you had surgery done.

This is not a crash diet. You are not going to give up the foods you love most. In fact, cutting out your favorite foods FOREVER is a bad idea. But finding the most enjoyable way to eat at a deficit so you aren't over-eating is both healthy and sustainable long term. This is a strategy to eat the foods you want and maintain the body you want for the rest of your life. How wonderful would it be to get down to your ideal body size once and for all?

We are going to train your mind so that you will be more mindful. Your favorite foods will taste better when you do eat them and this alongside feeling full, with less food will leave you satisfied with the foods you choose to eat. You'll have that body you want, because you'll eat a little less and move a little more without trying so hard. We train your mind so you can live your new normal.

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This is a Four Session Process  

Session 1 - The "Surgery"
Session 2 - Habit Development/Self Sabatoge

Session 3 - Taking Action

Session 4 - YOU

After your first sessions you'll walk out feeling lighter and as if your stomach is physically smaller. You should notice you enjoy the foods you eat more than before and that you feel satisfied with eating less.

We also give you an mp3 audio to listen to daily. In the beginning, it'll be beneficial to listen to it several times a day. But listening to it once a day, before your largest meal will do. You're establishing your new normal. A slimmer, satisfied and more healthy you.

In your second session we dive deep into your subconscious and get to the root of the issue, then get rid of any Self Sabotage that is slowing you down and instill in you with new good habits.

In your third session we will prime you to take Massive Action towards your goals and embolden you with a new sense of confidence, to attack this weight-loss as well as every other area of your life.

Then last, but far from least your final session is all about YOU!

In your final session we offer you a free hypnosis session to tackle any problem you have, even if it's not related to weight-loss. This session is focused on YOU, because we want to offer you as much value as possible and this is going to help you so much when you take it. So this last session is dedicated to you and knocking down anything you feel that may be getting in your way and stopping you from living the life you know you deserve. Granted, not everyone is going to need this fourth session and you can leave it on the table if you want, but it'll be there waiting for you to take it and it's going to help you so much if you take it. But I digress.

The Virtual Gastric Band is a powerful tool that can help you achieve the body you've always wanted. If you want to be happier. Be more vibrant, feel alive again and have that beaming vigor for life, then choose this.

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My personal experience

with the Virtual Gastric Band method:
" After going through the process of the Virtual Gastric Band I now eat less because I actually want less.  I came back from an extended walk in the summer sun this morning, when I came in to quench my thirst with two large glasses of water.  My son offered me a small Saturn Peach, which I ate. Then I noticed something.... My stomach gave me a hard time finishing the peach, because it just felt like too much food. The two glasses of water and a peach left me satiated, because my body now feels like my stomach is the size of a golf ball. "